Mopro’s New Offering

Ernest Rudyak’s latest post

While Ernest Rudyak has his Engeocom brand, he also has another project he has been involved with other the years. Mopro, founded by Cary Levine is an all-in-one solution for local business owners that helps them reinvent their digital presence. Rudyak got involved a couple years back after meeting with Levine to discuss the vision of the company. Mopro has changed their approach to earning local businesses business.

Mopro will now do their work for a local business for at no initial cost. How does this process work? A company will reach out to Mopro’s digital specialist by calling (844) 207-9038 or emailing All the digital strategist needs is the company name, website, and a call back number. In 48 hours, Mopro will have completed their design of the new website. Mopro then will walk through the business owner of the new website in a 10 minute call. At this point it is up to the owner to determine whether or not they would like to join Mopro and complete the rest of their digital makeover.

What in fact falls under the digital makeover? Mopro is a versatile company that covers many aspects, some of which you may have overlooked or not thought of at all. While they take care of your website, they also take care of their mobile site, social media, reputation management, e-commerce, and HD video and photography. Many underestimate the thought of having a great mobile site. Not all regular websites are compatible on a mobile device like a tablet or phone which can make navigating it extremely difficult. Mopro takes care of that hurdle.

Mopro believes in what they do. So much that they’ll build you your website for free strictly off the notion that you’ll love what they have to offer and sign up. They understand it’s a huge leap for a company to essentially hand over their digital presence to another company. Mopro offers the free website build so you as a business owner feel more comfortable throughout the process. For more on Mopro, check out their website or this video below:

from Ernest Rudyak Startups/Mopro


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