Top Startups at CES

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imgres-11The Consumer Electronics Show is this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here, some of the most prominent companies in the world gather to share the latest tech products they have to offer. Companies like Samsung, Cisco, Intel, and even motor companies like BMW and Audi. Who fly under the radar are the companies that don’t provide a product but a service. And what makes the companies that provide a service fly under the radar are the start ups that are in attendance at CES. Yes despite the huge event that is CES, startups do in fact attend. It’s a great opportunity for them to gain some attention and notoriety. Lets take a look at how some of these start ups who are attending and what they have to offer.


Imgur is the ever so popular startup that allows you to share the most popular photos on the internet. They currently have 150 million users, a great feat for a start up. They’re gaining momentum as their founder Alan Schaaf was named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.


InMoji is a startup that has clickable stickers that appear in messaging apps and direct users to promotions. InMoji is hoping to secure some deals at CES in order to 1 billion audience members. Founders Michael Africk and Perry Tell are using CES to gain attention as they’ll announce they have signed household brands like Walmart, Drizly, and Fandango.


Many are probably familiar with Foursquare. They’re the app that allows you to check into various locations and potentially become the “mayor” of said location. They have actually split into two apps now and the new Foursquare that will be in attendance at CES is discussing the future of the company entering advertising.


This startup is an in store shopping app that is best known for their digital coupons. Their app was downloaded 18 million times and has 35 million monthly users.

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