Getting Involved with Mopro

Ernest Rudyak’s latest post

Ernest Rudyak has long been involved with a cool startup company called Mopro. In fact, his ties to the company go back to when the company was initially called InTheMo. When Ernest met first met Cary Levine, the founder, he was very opposed to getting involved with the company but after speaking with Cary, Ernest saw Cary’s vision and had an appreciation for his passion for the company. Ernest has now been involved with Mopro for seven years and is enjoying every second of it.

imgres-2Mopro is the first all-in-one digital media package designed expressly for local businesses. People rejoiced that exceptional web design and broadcast-quality video was suddenly available — and affordable — for any local business with a story to tell. Mopro has helped some of the biggest brands in the world with their ever-expanding product suite to help re-invent or develop a brand or companies digital presence. Some of these brands include Levi’s, QVC, Pepsi, Microsoft, Lenovo, Yahoo!, Kraft, Jeep and many more.

Mopro prides themselves on really making a difference in a business owners life. Mopro can handle all sorts of different platforms for your business. They’ll help provide you with HD content, revamp your website, your mobile presence, help your business from a search engine optimization standpoint, enhance your social media presence as well as many more cool features. Take a look at some of their clients testimonials:

“We love our new website.” – Crossfit Sunset

“Since we switched to Mopro our bounce rate has decreased from 60% to 23%.” – Vava Vida

“Mopro makes everything simple.” – Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant and Lounge

“So pleased and excited about our new website!” – G Dental

Mopro has already begun to impact other businesses in a positive light. For more on this incredible startup, check out Mopro here.

from Ernest Rudyak Startups/Mopro


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