4 Common Pitfalls Startups Make with Content Marketing

Ernest Rudyak’s latest post

With all the hype encompassing content marketing, many new startups begin blogging or use social media without a plan. The results can be disappointing.It’s likely that these coping startups are falling for one of these 4 common pitfalls:

1. Building a Low-Quality Content Machine

Web content overwhelmed with jargon and search keywords are annoying. Your website should be as easy to understand and powerful with communicating your startup’s values.  Consider how many of your site’s visitors are converting into high-quality buyers or future business leads. Look at the content on your site and ask yourself, “Would I read this if it weren’t produced by my startup?

2. Waiting to Be Discovered

“If you build it they will come” doesn’t apply to the internet.  You have to attract customers to your startup’s content. There are multiple ways to accomplish this. Has your website been optimized so that your content is easy to find by relevant search engine users? Are you putting your content into places your target customers frequent?

3. Be Everywhere The People Are

Money is not the only scarce resource. Time is equally precious. Your startup does not need to have a large presence on every social media network. The age old adage “fish where the fish are” is not enough when considering what social networks and other online communities your startup should invest in.

from Ernest Rudyak Startups/Mopro http://ift.tt/1BdxAlp


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